I’m a landscape painter living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My work involves interpreting nature and color, responding to the feelings and moods created by constantly changing light in the landscape. Oils are my medium and observation is at the root of my work. My preference is to start a painting outside, along the banks of rivers and ponds that offer reflections and movement. Studio work, allowing for contemplation, often completes my process.

In a nut shell, my paintings are driven by an emotional and expressive interpretation of my keen interest in a sense of place. I strive for my style to capture the immediacy of the moment; creating tension by taking classic subjects and imbuing them with a modern sense of color and application.

I want to connect you to an evocative experience and feel the passion I have for the landscape. I want you to feel as if you’re in that place, at that time, to give you a heightened sense of the warmth, smells, textures, colors, and atmosphere that I find in our natural world.