Over the years I have created a technique that allows me to merge my passion of textiles with my passion for painting. What was originally hand embroidered scenes are now paintings with a background of the endless variety of man made prints available. Some of my favorites consist of Indian batiks, insect and bird prints, and vivid flower prints. Each painting has as its foundation, a canvas that has been prepped by my cutting and thoughtfully placing small pieces of fabric on it with matte medium. This technique gives my work the textured feel that is an essential part of nature and as the painting unfolds, I meticulously integrate the patterns of cloth with the use of oil paints to bring the images into focus. My inspirations come from the intricate patterns in nature, whether they are from the texture of a reptile’s skin, the markings in a sea shell, or the multi-colored fish feeding off a coral reef. I’m drawn to the rich patterns of Gustav Klimt and the textiles and mosaics of contemporary designer Kaffee Fassett. Artists such as Faith Ringgold, Miriam Shapiro and Judy Chicago have helped to give me license to use fabric in my work.