I have been a working artist for 40 years. As a young girl, I began painting floral designs in watercolor, each leaf and petal rendered in agonizing and precise detail. I worked like that for 30 years. Then, after a visit to France (and some age), I loosened my technique. I turned to colorful, expressive impressionistic landscapes. A few years ago, I took another step - into pure emotion and abstract impressionism.

I now paint boldly in acrylic and oil, reflecting a continuing process of self examination, internalizing emotions imposed by external patterns that imply the beauty of everyday life. My focus is the rural and urban landscape. I look for details: cragged rocks, aged walls, crackled floors, textured leaves; the part that implies the complexity of the whole. The permanent that implies change. The change that belies permanence. The emotion of all.

I work from memory. My paintings are rarely planned beforehand. They continuously evolve as I slather layer-on-layer of pigment, seeking freshness kindled by the original scene, exploring the energy and light outside consciousness.