Admission is free! Simply follow the map.

Saturday, April 28, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, April 29 noon to 5 p.m.

Our tour starts on Saturday morning, April 28 and runs through Sunday, April 29. The tour offers unique insights into how artists live and work. Focused within 5 distinct city neighborhoods, the public will glean a sense of the community of artists that live in Valley and in the region. The four neighborhoods include Old Southwest, Raleigh Court & Grandin Village, South Roanoke, and Southeast Roanoke Industrial Park.

Media include sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, assemblage, photography, fiber and ceramics. Participants can meet the artists, see a body of their recent work, and talk with them about it in a casual atmosphere about their work and their creative process. In many instances, they will also get a chance to peek into working studios. Art will be offered for sale at each of the exhibition sites.

Open Studios Tour Preview Party! Meet all the artists and see samples of their work at the Open Studios Tour Preview Party, Friday April 13, 5 to 7 p.m. at Fork in The Alley - Outfront.  The address is 2123 Crystal Spring Ave, SW Roanoke, 24014. The Open Studios Preview Party is free and open to the public.


Southeast Roanoke Industrial Park 

Studio 1: Trinkle Studio | 1890 9th st se, roanoke, va 24013

Hosting artists include Ann Bondurant Trinkle, Elaine Fleck and Chris Gryder


South Roanoke

Studio 2: Fitzpatrick Studio | 2306 Richelieu ave sw, roanoke, va 24014

Hosting artist Eric Fitzpatrick


Studio 3: Wolfe Studio | 3250 Avenham ave sw, roanoke, va 24014

Hosting artists include Barry Wolfe, Nan Mahone Wellborn and Jamie Nervo with guest Evan Berding


Old Southwest

Studio 4: Glover Studio | 405 Walnut ave sw, roanoke, va 24016

Hosting artists include Ann Glover and Josh Manning with guest Annie Waldrop


Studio 5: Mitchell Studio | 358 Allison ave sw, roanoke, va 24016

Hosting artist Max Mitchell with guests Toobz Muir and Jaimie Phillips


Southwest Roanoke

Studio 6: Stanley Studio | 1023 Persinger Rd sw, roanoke, va 24015

Hosting artist Gina Louthian-Stanley with guest Nancy Newhard


Studio 7: Entingh Studio | 2238 Sewell ln sw, roanoke, va 24015

Hosting artist Meridith Entingh with guests Susan Egbert and Susanne Sellars


Raleigh Court and Grandin Village

Studio 8: Brailo Studio

Hosting artist Stephen Brailo


Studio 9: Bullington Studio

Hosting artist Mary Boxley Bullingtion with guest Rachel Uchinozo


Studio 10: Phillips

Hosting artists CJ Sparks Phillips, Sarah EK Muse and Diane Patton